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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sporting Iowa?

Sporting Iowa was born from the collaboration between West Des Moines, Johnston, and Urbandale Soccer Clubs due to a need for enough players for viable teams at the oldest age groups. Over time, Sporting Iowa has gradually extended the umbrella down into younger age groups, most recently catering to 15Us since the USSF age group mandate came into effect in fall of 2016. Now, we are excited to announce that Sporting Iowa will encompass the full offering of select programs, extending all the way down to 11U! We are excited for the benefits to player development and programming that this structural evolution will allow us to pursue as a club!

What is the benefit to this new structure?

The benefits to combining into our new structure are many. First and foremost, with the larger player pool, we will be able to offer a tailored approach to the individual with regard to dedication, goals, fee structure, and curriculum. We are also now able to expand upon the programming for our membership, with multiple levels that are developmentally appropriate on the entire range of the spectrum of abilities. By combining our staff, we are streamlining many of the roles and responsibilities that were previously duplicated, allowing our staff to explore new and better ways of providing a great experience for your child. Finally, we are able to pool our club resources to improve the experience as a whole for our membership.

How are teams organized?

At 11U-12U, players will continue to be organized into pods at the community level.  A 11U WDMSC player in the 2018-2019 season will become a 12U Sporting Iowa Royal (formerly WDMSC) player in the 2019-2020 season, and an 11U JUSC player will become a 12U Sporting Iowa Sky Blue (formerly JUSC) player.  At these age groups, Sporting Iowa Royal represent former WDMSC select teams at and Sporting Iowa Sky Blue represent former JUSC select teams.

Players born in 2008-2009 would have the opportunity to tryout for a Sporting Iowa Royal (formerly WDMSC) or Sky Blue (formerly JUSC) team. 

Beginning at 13U, players will come together to form a larger player pool. Within this player pool, players will have the opportunity to play on either Sporting Iowa Academy 1, Sporting Iowa Academy 2, Sporting Iowa Royal or Sporting Iowa Sky Blue teams.  

Players born in 2007-2001 would have the opportunity to tryout for a Sporting Iowa Academy team, or stay in their own region to play for a Sporting Iowa Royal or Sky Blue team.

What age group is my child?

Birth Year Age Group
2009 11U


2007 13U
2006 14U
2005 15U
2004 16U
2003 17U
2002 18U
2001 19U


Where will my child train?

At 11U-12U, players on Royal teams will train at the Hidden Valley Soccer Complex, and those on Sky Blue teams will train at either the Urbandale or Johnston Soccer Complex

At 13U and above, players on Academy 1 or Academy 2 teams within the an age group will train together at either the Hidden Valley, Urbandale or Johnston Soccer Complex.  Location will be communicated at tryouts. Players on Royal teams will train at the Hidden Valley Soccer Complex, and those on Sky Blue teams will train at either the Urbandale or Johnston Soccer Complex.

Where are those complexes located?

What are the coaching assignments?

The coaching assignments are currently being determined as we navigate the transition to our new structure. Information on coaching assignments will be available at tryouts.

How does this change impact the current staff?

This change is a huge benefit to our current staff, who will be able to become more efficient in their daily work and will be able to expand upon the current programming offered/freed up to offer new and exciting programming!

When are tryouts?

Tryout schedule is located on our tryout page, along with links to register.

How many tryout sessions should I attend?

Players are strongly encouraged to attend as many tryout sessions as possible to give our staff the maximum opportunity to evaluate and determine where players will be placed.

What if I cannot attend one or more tryout sessions?

If you cannot attend one or more tryout sessions, please notify us as soon as possible via e-mail, so we can make a note in our records. We are currently working on a contingency plan for those that are unable to attend one or more sessions, and will be communicating this shortly. You will still need to register for tryouts to receive a bid.

What is the time commitment for participating on a Sporting Iowa team?

Players will train 3 times per week with 1-2 league games on the weekends. During event or tournament weekends, players will play 3-4 games.

How much travel is involved?

Travel is dependent upon the level of play and team your child is on. Younger players (11U-12U) will most likely stay mainly within the Des Moines metro area. Elite players at that age may need to travel outside of the metro to find developmentally appropriate competition. Older players (13U-19U) may travel 2-3 hours for a league game, or farther if participating in Midwest Conference (MWC, formerly MRL) or National Premier Leagues (NPL). Players may also participate in out of town events, such as tournaments and showcases.

Are there any hidden costs?

Our fee structure covers costs of coaching, tournament entry, league entry, state association registration fees, field maintenance costs, and other items that the club is responsible for. Families will be responsible for purchasing their own uniforms and mandatory gear, such as training shirts, warm up tops and pants, and other items. Additionally, families are responsible for their own travel costs for away matches.

What leagues will we play in?

We are excited to announce that we have been accepted in the US Club Soccer National Premier League (boys) beginning next fall. We will also continue to enter teams into the US Youth Soccer Midwest Regional Conference (boys & girls) and the Iowa Soccer Association Iowa Soccer League (boys & girls).


Some teams will participate in several tournaments during the seasonal year. Expect a minimum of one out of town tournament, possible location Kansas City, Minneapolis, or Chicago. We will also participate in some local events and host our own tournaments in fall and spring, which teams may enter.

How long will the Sporting Iowa uniforms last? Will we need to buy another new uniforms next year?

Sporting Iowa uniforms are purchased on a two year cycle. Families new to Sporting Iowa (current 11U-14U) and families who have reached the end of the previous cycle (current 16U, 18U), will be required to purchase new uniforms this summer. Returning families in a “fill-in” year (current 15U, 17U) will not be required to purchase new uniforms unless needed.

What are the fees?

Fee structure can be found on our website here.


Sporting Iowa Executive Director
John “Shedzy” Sheridan
Sporting Iowa Technical Director
Rich Bywater