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Sporting Iowa Futsal League

As part of our supplemental programming, Sporting Iowa offers an annual futsal league every winter.  We are excited to provide an alternative to other indoor soccer leagues in the area.  Futsal is fast becoming one of the most popular and relevant games for developing individual skill and small-group tactics where decisions both on and off the ball need to be made quickly and frequently.  It is an integral mandated part of the US Development Academy Program.

It is important to note that this league takes a different approach than most since it is more individualized and player-centered.  Players register individually and then are placed on different teams throughout the sessions.  The overall intent is to place players in varying, challenging circumstances where at times they are asked to play outside of their comfort zone perhaps across gender, age group, and team.  Throughout, the coaching staff will be there to help guide the players and teams.  Sometimes, we may collect data during games that provide insight into how each player is performing, e.g., we may count how many passes players connect on in games.  Since this is a player-development oriented league, we will demand players to make their own decisions with minimal instructions from sideline during games. 

If you have any questions, please contact Corbin Stone at 563-650-7348 or email